Gardenia Public school adheres to its motto ‘Dedicated to Excellence’ our school is affiliated Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). We follow its curriculum from the beginning itself as the level is set a bit high from the base itself so the students can be ready for the life full of challenges on an earlier note.

Gardenia has a unique eclectic approach which borrows from different styles of learning for the children, thereby designing specific activities that allow children to explore concepts and ideas using multiple intelligence. We provide high academic standards, as well as a wide selection of sports and co-curricular activities. Gardenia Public School provides students with a progressive and forward-thinking education within a disciplined and structured environment

The pre-primary programme is the foundation for a lifelong learning experience and the starting point for formal education. At GPS we understand and respect the fact that each child is unique and has different abilities and interests.

Our curriculum objectives have been laid out as per the developmental characteristics of each age group. The pre-primary school curriculum has been designed to nurture developmental objectives that have been consciously planned. Our inclusive curriculum offers core subjects of Language, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. We also offer Physical Education which includes activities like Skating, Adventure sports, Swimming and Performing Arts such as Music, Dance and Speech & Drama.

With a plethora of options to choose from, students are now spoiled for choice. It is imperative, however, that students choose subjects keeping in mind their career choice. If a student is uncertain about a career but knows that engineering is something, he/she will never do, then it is fine to do science subjects so long as math is retained. Finally, if a student is certain of career based in arts, dropping math and science both is a viable option.