Facilities & Infrastructure

School Building – Our school has V shape building that enhances the view of the ground from the building and the view of the building from the ground from every angle.

New Building – This building a newly cons is comprises of the new facilities that are as follows – Swimming Pool, Auditorium, Mini Theatre, and Fun Zone for the preprimary section.

A well watched swimming pool which is safe for children.

An underground parking for the children that keeps their vehicle secure from sun and rain.

A fleet of buses that is under satellite tracking all the time that enables us to monitor the speed and location of the bus.

The security in our campus is such that all the movement is monitored at the entry as well as within the campus following the COVID-19 protocols.

We have more than a100 CCTV cameras within the campus that monitors all the movement in the campus and even near to the boundaries of the campus 24/7.

An entertainment attraction for the children, that features the animated movies for all.

This is a place where the child gets to show his/her talent on a stage in front of and audience.