Events at Gardenia

We at gardenia celebrate the events in grand manner, we add all the pomp and show to the events to make them a blast which can be heard by all. The events in the sequence of the events as per the months is: Independence Day, Teachers day, Creation (exhibition), Children’s day and Genesis (annual function).


INDEPENDENCE DAY is celebrated in a traditional way as it should but every time the students are motivated and guided by the management to learn as much from our freedom fighters their struggle, their achievements and contribution in the freeing our country.


This day is totally dedicated to the honour of the teachers and their contribution towards the school and the society and acknowledging their role in a student’s life.

CREATION (Exhibition)

This event is an exuberant one which portrays the talent of the students and displays the things created by them throughout the year. This event also shows us the activities that have been running throughout the year which is a visual display for the parents to know what their child has been learning throughout the year apart from the studies which a part of the curriculum.


The day for the children is celebrated with a twist and the children are rewarded by the visit of a special personality. The personality is always a surprise as they could be a Bollywood star, a VIP from the political background with an educational influence and even a Senior Police officer with some motivational words and then comes the celebration for the children.


This is the most gala event of the year as it is our annual function. It is the last function of the session as it is usually conducted in the month of February which is our foundation month. It is an illuminated event that spreads the light miles away. This dance and music event is always served with a message that is the motto of every Genesis like Child Marriage, Acid Attacks, Pulwama attack and many more social atrocities.